Alternatives to PayPal: Dwolla

Alternatives to PayPal: Dwolla
Alternatives to PayPal: Dwolla

Lately I hear a lot about this new payment option, which although not recent launch, is now giving a lot to talk about. I refer to Dwolla.

PayPal is already very established as the default option of paying online, due to arrive first and hand of a leader like eBay and know maintained over time. Still, now online payments and are not a cause for distrust, or fear, as before, and we know they are as safe as paying by card or physical, and thanks to companies like PayPal, exists today fertile ground for alternatives more competitive bids, or with a different value proposition to enter the field of play.

And that is the case of Dwolla, although also serious about safety, it combines an offer PayPal competitive commissions and some options that offer a different value proposition to the leader.

For starters, the web, unlike PayPal is very clear and pleasant and that presents itself as the alternative to move money saying:

No percentages. No hidden fees. Just 25¢ per transaction or free for transactions $10 and less.

Thus avoiding hidden fees PayPal, for there to popular mobile apps to know that you pay on each transaction would play simply because their schedule is so confusing and complex reminiscent of banks always get you to the quarterfinals.

Another noteworthy feature of Dwolla, is that not only can pay via e-mail, as in PayPal, but also via mobile and social networks, which attributes a value, being in social media where people are now.

Also comes with iPhone and Android application, how could it be otherwise, to enable us to operate from anywhere. And an API for developers.

And finally, get money for more than $ 10, you can get for free through its referral system. Is it to prove it?



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