Small changes, big consequences

Small changes, big consequences
Small changes, big consequences

Since I had the opportunity to work on the Internet, attracted me and looked brand put on a business model of system, and not to do consulting, ie create online products that users have, and not have to work side by side direct customers.

Although over time, you realize that users can be a customer, very demanding, and that the mass of users is undoubtedly your most discerning of all. Although it is also true that it is completely different ad-hoc solutions give each client consulting, to do for thousands of users from a system as it allows systems to be efficient and scalable. Because one solution has multiple beneficiaries.

But to create a system, and if it grows more and have some success, you begin to realize that you have created a creature, a being that many others use, which resembles a product because it has its interface, but also seems to a country with its rules and laws, and that therefore everything you do on the system, however small it may seem, has its consequences. Sometimes even minor changes for you, make incremental changes or a disaster for the rest.

The other day, Juan Diego Polo commented news from The Newt Web, announcing that remade Facebook Like plugin, going to have a weight of 245K to 46K, thus multiplying by four the loading rate, which would mean that the billions of web pages using these widgets would load faster, and Internet in general would be better for everyone.

Or similarly, Twitter’s decision to stop supporting Instagram photos in an integrated way supposed to make a click more to millions of people every day.

And it sometimes seems that we are not aware, how far is create a liability for the power it gives to whom he addresses given, almost as with governments.

We at AdLemons, on a much smaller scale than the previous evidently we are aware of this, and it makes when decisions have to take into account all possible variables.

But still it is not easy, and to try to do my best, no choice but to try to validate everything possible response or the response agree not to end up as a countermeasure rather than simply an improvement. But even then, you realize that there are times that common good must prevail over the individual and unfortunately sometimes just having affected and collateral damage.

The sweet part of all this is that many people benefit systems, and the benefits are great, so much proliferate because they make efficient and simple as that individual would not be possible. And from my experience, although not as easy as I say, I think there are few things that give as much satisfaction as working daily on something that is important to others.


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