Blogs, Twitter and Facebook, inseparable trio

Blogs, Twitter and Facebook, inseparable trio
Blogs, Twitter and Facebook, inseparable trio

First blogs because, as I have said many times, blogs are always the cornerstone of our strategy in Social Media. They are our own house online, from which to tell our message and our view of the world in our own way, and then we rely on other social networks to spread and bring life.

Then came Twitter, which more than a social network, has become a mega-communication medium, where information and news items in general or as links, run like wildfire, and where we can expand the scope of our content with a viral ability ever. Because it is designed to be so, and disseminate information to others, if we are not effortless because it is a matter of a single click, as discussed in the article by RT Automatic and RT Manual.

And last but not least, would be Facebook, which somehow being the ultimate social network, allowing more and find your loyal followers who identify with you or your brand and to have a much wider range of possibilities interaction unlike Twitter. It seems that the function of spreading content is a bit faded, among all possible options, and each can use Facebook in a thousand ways. But what is clear, is that is where users daily living, and if you get like and loyalty, will only grow a community very close and long lasting.

Not included here or Pinterest, despite being great for getting traffic if we have original visual content, or G+, since neither putting it with a shoehorn by the great Google is being able to excel in the least, I just hear people who I asked, “Hey, but seriously, that of .. Google Plus, someone uses it?” because you enter when you enter, always empty.

So we must take care of every detail of the relationship of three, in which both blogs must be very present in these social networks, such as social networks to blogs.

And I’m surprised to see even today, blogs without a related Facebook page, and / or a Twitter account associated, either associated to the author, if the blog is personal, whether associated with the blog if professional / commercial, or either associated with the brand, whether it is a business. In the same manner, the blogs must have share buttons, do I like, retweet and others, that will make life easier for his readers to make that content, and give the visibility they deserve, because they demonstrate so only cares to write, but does not emphasize it relate to his potential audience, and reality.


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