MWC: Firefox OS as the new rival for iOS and Android

MWC: Firefox OS as the new rival for iOS and Android
MWC: Firefox OS as the new rival for iOS and Android

It seems that the world of mobile operating systems is still much to come. After the initial absolute leadership as the first iOS mobile operating system for smartphones, Android came with his irresistible opening open source, which captivated users and manufacturers overtaking iOS in number of installed devices.

Well, now, when it seemed that there could be an OS that exceeds the Andorid approach, comes Firefox OS, as I told you that recently came to light with the union of the Mozilla Foundation with Spanish GeeksPhone and Telefónica. But after the latest of the MWC (Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain) being held this week, now just made an agreement, to launch its operating system with 17 operators more such as: Deutsche Telekom, América Móvil, Smart , Etisalat, Hutchison Three Group, VimpelCom, KT, TMN, MegaFon, Qtel, KDDI, SingTel, Sprint, China Unicom, Telstra, Telecom Italia, Telenor, and several manufacturers such as LG, Alcatel, Huawei and ZTE to make a this promise a reality.

Because your goal fulfilled, may involve to reverse the entire global mobile ecosystem, by presenting a new paradigm that provides a stage further open web-based (HTML5) and disruptive that leakage from current walled gardens posed Apple and Google, to the point of merging completely mobile and web at the same level, without unnecessary additives.

And they have not left nothing to chance, and now Firefox operating system already has big names in what refers to applications such as Twitter, Facebook, Electronic Arts, eBay, Terra, Wired, Fox, SoundCloud, Box, or Disney among many for his marketplace.

And the truth is that as said Alierta, chairman of Telefónica, at MWC, that today being barely 16% of mobile phones are smartphones in the world, there is still 84% of phones with potential to become the definitive global leader and that gap is intended to fill Firefo OS.



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