Coherence in branding

Coherence in branding
Coherence in branding

In these times, we can see very clear examples and counterexamples of consistency in branding. Because brand consistency is always imperative for brands to survive and stay, but especially now when these are difficult times, everything is observed more in detail and in a more sensitive, and is increasingly demanded by consumers and the general public’s lack of hypocrisy. I mean, say one thing and do the opposite.
And here, when I say brand, I do not speak only of milk brands, car or clothes, which would be consumer brands, I talk about brands in general concept, and I include here also, and especially, to people and institutions all kinds.

Recently we have seen publicly criticizing the actress Spanish: Maribel Verdú, not theoretically maintain consistency of personal brand, supporting the disadvantaged and victims of evictions by banks to receive Goya cinema award while wearing a luxury suit and being that he had acted in a commercial about mortgages from a bank in its day. Although from my point of view, in this case for me was questionable .. but what is clear is that it shows that for a brand to be maintained over time and maintain the relationship and loyalty of their followers and customers needs to be consistent, and the consuming public demands more and more, and when not perceived, is the focus of criticism and abandonment.

Another current case, is the Spanish political class. Since politicians have always been frowned upon in general in Spain. Now as the barometer of the CIS (Official statistics state) are at their lowest level of popularity in its history, simply because political parties, as brands without going into ethical issues, seem to have no clear its position and power, should be an example of honesty for the people, and must maintain consistency between what they require citizens, and in times of crisis, and what they do, or have done. Otherwise, his speech is but a dead letter, without any credibility to anyone, as happens to the odd institution.

And finally, we could cite a good example of brand consistency in Spain, as it could be Consum supermarket chains, which begins as a cooperative that defends a series of values ​​by putting them into practice, and continues to follow stringent guidelines contribution to society, in many ways, including food banks so famous here, recognize and admire worthy example of brand consistency.

And is that the end is always necessary coherence and now more than ever can do that will shift the balance towards the right side and customer loyalty or lose against forever because all the investment nor can we achieve after recovering a lost customer.



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