Mini-chronicle yesterday at #elDiaDVILA

Mini-chronicle yesterday at #elDiaDVILA
Mini-chronicle yesterday at #elDiaDVILA

Yesterday was the expected #elDiaDVILA here in Valencia (Spain), an event that was able to generate excitement in Internet.

And the DVILA Advertising agency based in Alzira and Madrid until now, to celebrate its 10th anniversary opened offices in the heart of Valencia, on Calle Jorge Juan, and to announce it, created a campaign with a very nice video: El hombre que aparcó en Jorge (the man who parked in Jorge, that I encourage you to see. And set up a party for their anniversary and make known its new location.

The party was very original, and a good example of creativity on your part, to show their international ability and focus, that support being TheNetworkOne network partners. To do this, they created an experiential marketing route within its gleaming new offices in Valencia, so that when you enter, you got a passport with five leaves, which received a stamp as you passed by each of the rooms-continents, tasting the typical flavors of each area with traditional meals as snacks, or mini tapas chic and delicious, you can see the photos on his Twitter.

And there is nothing better than walking to show motion, or in this case: your creativity, with facts, and people of Dvila certainly did his best.

Party ended in a reserved zone at Colón Market, met many friends and people known in the industry, and even allowed me to do some networking, and even devirtualize people who wanted to meet in person. There we could see among others: Migue Gil Marti, Esther Trujillo, Rosa Gorriz, Benja Benet, Clara Montesinos, Javi Olmo, Rafa Osuna, MiriamReyes, Óscar Delgado y Jesús Gallent.



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