Make up your mind!

Make up your mind!
Make up your mind!

I warn you that this article is written from my own experience. I think it could be useful to any entrepreneur, and so avoid the mistakes made by me.

As we grow and we become adults, we need to ripen, and one of the indicating maturity is certainly making decisions. Something that we do not think children need, and as we grow, we are having to do more and more frequently in our daily life.

And needless to say, that if you have a business, or start a new startup, this is your day to day. Because every day want to do things, and everything you do need to make a decision between all possible options. And the decision to take, is to go by yourself, either because you have a very clear answer, as you’re leading your organization, or start-up, (you remember in case you forget who you are ..) or because you will do .. to conclude and decide better. Because whatever you do, your decision will always have consequences, good or bad, but always will have.

That is where after many decisions, sometimes even at against time, some of these decisions, screw up, as a human you are, no matter how theoretically leader you should be.., and then, is when perhaps, the following you decision is somewhat more difficult to make, and you think a little more.

But in current times, when everything goes at a frantic pace, that reality is becoming more dynamic, we can not hesitate to make a decision, because even partly wrong, is better than not to decide or not to act.

Perhaps radical seems what I say, and as the Spanish proverb that says: “The rush, are not good counselors”, but I do not mean: decide hastily and bad, I mean it is not worth taking only good decisions, but also have to take them in time and form, but will not be worth anything or be worse than have decided what wrong. So just as I started the post, telling, or saying, Decides It Now.

And in your case, do you agree with what I’m saying? Did you happened that? Have you always known to react in time?



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