Starts year of “Iniciador Valencia” with special event “Entrepreneurial experience”

Starts year of "Iniciador Valencia" with special event "Entrepreneurial experience"
Starts year of “Iniciador Valencia” with special event “Entrepreneurial experience”

In Iniciador Valencia, we come back firmly, this time with a special event, which brings us to several natives entrepreneurs who can tell their experiences in a panel full of experience, we will have: Carlos Bafi, David Zaragoza, Javier EchalekuHéctor Prats and Fran Torreblanca, and will be held this time in Valencia City, as many expected, in the Bancaja Foundation, Plaza Tetuán, 23 46003 Valencia, Spain.

To present this list of entrepreneurs in Valencia, what better to leave you their BIO’s below.

David Zaragoza, Engineer in Telecommunications from the UPV, Google certified professional, mentor in the American accelerator Plug&Play Valencia and master teacher eCommerce Miguel Hernández University of Elche.

He began to take in 1999 along with the creators of TodoExpertos, one of the Internet projects reference in the segment of the questions and answers (Q&A) in Spanish-speaking. In 2004, with the same partners, founded the development company specializing in Internet projects Avanzis. He co-founded and participated in five companies, and founded sixth by your self.

Carlos Bafi, the young magician that will provide special spark to the event. This promise of prestidigitation works nationwide offering illusion and smiles. Formed with great magicians of national and international prestige, has come Bafi different schools of art, magic and circus. A great personality, a quality show and large doses of humor are the ingredients that manages to connect with everyone.

Javier Echaleku has since 1996 developed different personal and professional projects. It is Logocomunica founder, started as hosting company and today is an eCommerce Consulting and Internet Marketing that works nationally and involving more than 16 professionals from different disciplines.

In 2012 decided to make a change to adapt brand consulting services to the type of projects you were working. Thus arose kuombo, specializing in the world of ecommerce.

Hector Prats was who in 2004 was responsible for the website and production of the game Manager Pro, the missing heir to PCFUTBOL. He came to convince Michael Robinson to appear on the cover of the game. However, check the release date (with 2000 bookings on the web) Hector decided not to market it because of its flaws, at least until you have a stable version.

In March 2007 he created Interfinanzas, a financial brokerage company in Alicante. In 2009 he established a company in SEO link building, working for large and important national companies. In December 2012 he founded LinkToDream. A company to create their own projects and to help entrepreneurs.

He is currently working on his first web; ArtisticAward a platform for the dissemination of international artists. This site was the winning of Castellón iWeekend 2012.

Fran Torreblanca a degree in Economics (University of Alicante) and Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and Sales Management (Fundesem Business School). Over 10 years of experience in the marketing industry, is founder and director of Sinaia Marketing, a company that offers the opportunity for SMEs to have an external marketing department.

For registration, you can do so on website of CEEI, as Iniciador event on Facebook to see our faces and networking, as in the official website of Iniciador Valencia.



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