Comment on blogs brings you benefits

Comment on blogs brings you benefits
Comment on blogs brings you benefits

By having a blog, reading other blogs that inspire us and from which we learn, normally we got information. However, sometimes we focus too much on writing and producing our own content, and it is hard, so we encourage us to participate in the blogs of others.

Even usual follow a blog assiduously, whom we admire and still interesting even to seem to the subject matter, or having interesting contributions to make to the subject matter of a post, either to extend their information or to contradict and update the same, no do it for different reasons:


Embarrassment or shyness: We think what we have to say will not mind anything, who writes, but if we do not we’ll never know, and I’m sure we get pleasant surprises.

Not knowing what to say: There’s always something to say about it, since our opinion is different, until we agree completely or only partially, congratulations on a post or reference any contribution or expand it.

Lack of time: This may be related to the previous one, do not know what to say and hang out with do not have much time and gave up, but really to put a sentence does take time.

But I would say the opposite, and that, to overcome these barriers to entry to bring you only can you benefit.


  1. Comment on the blog: Normally if you want to comment, is leave a comment saying your opinion what you mean by using the comment form, but not only there to do so.
  2. Trackback: linking to his post with a link from your post. In cases where a comment is not enough to comment on how you want a topic, or directly where you do not want talk about it, but talk about another topic broadly and simply comment that it is better to write your own article linking the article to which you refer, as well, the other blog collect your reference, between his comments as a trackback.
  3. Comment on Facebook: Presently all or most blogs post their links on Facebook, but you can also share your share and you can comment from there.
  4. Comment on Twitter: If you do Retweet (manual or automatic), as we talked about yesterday, will help its spread and you can in the case of RT manual, add your opinion. Creating a new conversation, although these conversations are parallel to those of the post own comments.

If after that you still have doubts to comment, I encourage you to see if these reasons.


  1. It is a way of thanking their time blogger who has been concerned in writing of the issue, you indicate to the author that you’ve read and also the interest you take in your community to participate pro-actively.
  2. You can show your opinion in public, even if you think it is not important the contribution you make, it’s good to make ourselves visible, say what we think and exist for those who follow, that if, without ever falling into the SPAM (off-topic and self-hype).
  3. Commenting normal, you get a link to your site, it is likely that you may bring future visits, especially if you strive to make the review interesting.
  4. That same visit, you might want your content and write about it, or about you in their blog and end up receiving referrals or new faithful follower.
  5. You create a “debt” to the blogger, who might be encouraged to return to other comments below, making your blog more lively.
  6. If you signed up for Gravatar, will see your avatar and start visually exist for the community and / or your industry. To the point, you can earn your respect, admiration and image, just for your feedback.

I hope you have a little more confident about it, and you feel encouraged to comment further, because in the end the essence of blogging and social media is content, but without the people and the conversation that develops between them, from content and opinion, do not have too much grace or meaning. So .. Are there any comments?


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