Official Retweet Vs. Retweet of always

official Retweet Vs. Retweet of always
official Retweet Vs. Retweet of always

I do not know if you noticed in the RT, if you use Twitter. Although long since introduce Twitter Retweet action officially, the action was actually an idea that arose spontaneously by users of the community, of the need to spread the tweet made ​​by another user , and is equivalent to cite another person. For that, what was done before was to copy the original tweet information and paste adding: RT + @UsuarioAutor + TweetOriginal.
But Twitter after standardizing the action, provided it with a button with icon itself, which placed below each tweet, and included in its package default actions for all. And despite that, even today there are people doing Retweet as before, and perhaps there who wonder why.

I come to mind different possibilities, one is ignorance, there is still novice users know that there is no official method to Retweet, another is to use Twitter from an application that has not implemented the option, even though Twitter the is also available from the API, but in the end, seeing that users do not enter the first two options, I think it’s basically the reason as before, is that simply has several advantages and disadvantages of each of the options:

Auto Retweet:

  1. The system maintains in your tweet retweeted the avatar of the author in your timeline.
  2. I do not really consider a tweet yours, but copy and paste of other user.
  3. Not allows you to add or remove anything, just as it is a reproduction of original tweet.
  4. If a user disables your RT, he will no longer see your tweets auto retweeted.
  5. When author delete his tweet, your tweet retweeted disappears too.

Retweet manual:

  1. Not regarded as a RT, but as a Tweet own, both API and for all apps that connect to it.
  2. Has consequences on the metrics, because normally not considered RT.
  3. Person who is retweeted does not receive RT as a RT, but as a Mention.
  4. You can add or remove things from original text, citing helpful.
  5. Although author delete original tweet, your tweet remains yours.

Apart from the advantages and disadvantages, it is true that in the official mobile app there an automatic option to cite, Retweet resembling manual, but it’s official, is the button: Quote. But for now only available on mobile, until then, to quote the Web by adding or removing part of the original text, it is more practical to use the RT manual.

If you have any doubt, I leave official support.

Update: Just today discussed this topic on the blog Social Media Revolution.


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