EVO Bank, branding by opening afternoons

EVO Bank, branding opening afternoons
EVO Bank, branding by opening afternoons

Yesterday, walking down the street I was somewhat shocked to see in the window of a bank that announcing being open in the evenings, in fact said, from 8:30 pm to 20pm continuously, at first I thought it was a promo, or a striking claim simply empty, and no background, but after a little reading on the Internet about it, it seems to be true, and not just another typical promise with fine print, but part of a strategy of differentiation and branding therefore, my view, very bold and successful EVO Bank (EVO Banco).

From what I could see, this bank, brand new Nova Galicia heiress, and now has one of the leaders of ING Spain, as its CEO, a certain César González-Bueno, intends to imitate the success of ING in EVO, bet heavily on banking online and via mobile, and on the other hand has been conducted to reduce number of offices, reducing costs, but truth in Spain that some banks have in excess of this in the cities, with almost a branch in each corner, and therefore have not fired but have been concentrating on fewer office employees, and in return, he has resolved to offer extended hours of customer service.

Thus, they do something totally unusual for Spanish banking customers, accustomed to their schedules restrictive and stagnant in his throne. Moving closer to the needs of customers who can now go do some management to 20h of the night, when they can not be resolved online. But of course, they have set a goal that is appreciated, and it would be better for everyone if the example would spread, but I’m sure when known massively, to reap the benefits that differ even more than it already makes his already distinguished and radical corporate brand black and white.

And, create a brand, aims to be recognized and differentiated from the rest, and thus be able to highlight, and besides corporate image: naming, visual identity, etc, reinforce it with a product with clear advantages: “La Cuenta Inteligente” (Smart Account), and finish off with exceptional service, we are on the way that the business deserves to be well known with minimal advertising investment. For my part congratulations on this strategy.



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