Alternatives to Google: new Nokia maps

 Alternatives to Google: new Nokia maps

Alternatives to Google: new Nokia maps

I continue my series on Google Alternatives: As we saw with the DuckDuckGo search engine (in Spanish), and OpenStreetMap maps (in Spanish), this time playing with an exciting new alternative to Google Maps for Nokia’s hand, one of those who have always led the segment. is the heir of the former Nokia Maps that I said in the other post, but that comes with some interesting options: 3D, navigation, etc … let’s see.

To start a url plain and simple, that does not get us get a search box, but to view the map itself, which is geo position where we are, if the browser permits and we give explicit permission for that from our context information, give us the best experience. And including only the url coordinates, leads us to the exact spot.

A visually very attractive maps, which has as its competitor, Google Maps, a version of satellite or aerial photo with perfect deep scroll. Even pointing out the detail in the zoom range, if we are at the level of Country, State, City or Street.

Besides normal map and satellite map view also has 3D without installing plugins or flash or anything with just a click we can see everything.

We can save our common maps, create our routes by car, public transport and on foot, with distance and time and indications, have a geo-locator mouse that provides the exact coordinates of the point is, and in the right corner, the rule tells us the distance between two points.

And I liked that incorporates the Map Creator that OpenStreetMap wiki style allows us to contribute to improve the map, although not available for all countries yet.

It also has a complete API, both free basic version as a premium payment options such as traffic, if you are interested I leave documentation.

As you can see Nokia is stepping up, taking advantage of Apple Bugs in the field of maps and developed a very good product, it can position itself as a strong competitor to Google Maps. I hope you liked it, especially my reference in terms of geo-location and maps Gersón Beltrán 😉


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