Ready for new mobile landscape?

Ready for new mobile landscape?
Ready for new mobile landscape?

According to all forecasts, this coming year will be further reduced purchases of laptops, for an increase in the purchase of smartphones and tablets, to the point of reversing the relationship.

The important thing now is not to have a computer, back when there were only computers, it was important to work, to play, to make things interesting. Then, the important thing was that the device had an Internet connection, since without a connection was useless utensil, how many times have you looked at your computer when no wifi or network and you said, and now I do with this?.

But now, what is important is not to have the physical apparatus still at home to connect to the Internet, but the important thing is just having Internet itself and how to access it, even if only in a “less comfortable “and all we can do with the Internet: communicate by voice, as we did before by landline phone and in writing as we did for Messenger / Skype, write emails, and definitely keep in touch with friends, working in the Office and other , inform, play, etc.

And now, all these needs are answered by many devices, equal to or even better than the computer did, such as for smartphones and game consoles, but no internet connection both are nothing.

Therefore, and considering that the overall needs have already changed, and that what matters is the connection to the network and mobility, that is to do whatever is connected, anywhere, without relying on heavy equipment or cables and ties, we should remember that no longer makes sense to develop almost anything alone and only for the static environment: for the PC.

This is a major cultural change that will be difficult to accept especially for those who are dedicated to making desktop products, ie traditional software for Windows, Mac, Linux, etc., or for those who develop applications or web pages to display correctly only in desktop browsers.

But the current sales figures leave no doubt also that the following key and quantitative leap, will democratize access to smartphones, with the new mobile operating system open form Mozilla Foundation, Firefox OS, there will market finally truly affordable smartphones, and therefore, must allow the brutal population segment as developing countries like Brazil, etc to all Internet content and applications. Something that we should get our act together from now, not tomorrow.



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