Ideal length for sidebar of your blog

Ideal length for sidebar of your blog
Ideal length for sidebar of your blog

If you have a blog, especially if you have it in WordPress or Blogger, surely you will use a template that allows you to embed widgets on the side, for those not familiar, a widget is anything that can be embedded / inserted into a page to add functionalities, from advertising, an indicator of relevance, a button to vote on these awards, etc..

We at AdLemons, we sometimes see on blogs that make daily registration in platform, some isolated cases where the column of widgets has exceeded all tolerable limits, and this is not recommended for several reasons:


Aesthetic: Aesthetically it’s horrible that the sidebar is more full of accessories that the central column of the blog, is a matter of balance and good taste. If the excess surpasses when we see an article, something goes wrong, we should shorten it. Not to mention the colorful strident, or even blinking, in some cases, but that gives to another post.

Upload speed: A column of widgets extremely long, being also that each and every one of the widgets are calls to other external pages, causing the page to load much more later to the point that sometimes does not allow it to charge properly or cause rejection of visitors for its slowness.

SEO: Not to mention that in the latest Google changes its algorithm, one aspect that takes into account the speed of loading of the website, and if your blog is slow, bringing fewer visits will be penalized.

Performance: If you’re on your own server, you have many outside calls through to other web widgets, can affect the processing capacity of our server to affect other sites that we have hosted on it.

As you see, there are many reasons for reviewing the length of its size.


For that we all understand, we can define generic rules that I think we all may work:

Number of widgets: widgets I think 10 of maximum, still a high number, I think if the widgets are small in height, may be acceptable in some cases, if you are under much better.

Scroll bar: That the vertical scroll bar of our blog is not less than 1 cm because of the sidebar. By this, I mean that as content is added to the page, it grows vertically, and in turn reduces its size. If the column longer is the sidebar, and the scroll bar gets to stay a centimeter or less high, we must reduce the number of widgets but already!


If you allow me to finish, I would give some tips to achieve achieve these limits recommended:

Prioritize: I was the first thing I wanted to include in my blog many things to show in my sidebar, as if it were the only opportunity to show what we want to the world. But you have to know how to prioritize and see that in some cases like this: “Less is more” and what to include in excess will be harmful.

Pages: In WordPress we have the option to create a page, which is like a post, but that is fixed in the blog menu. That can include any awards you’ve received, or you can put all the links to your friends, or which define all causes with which we agree.

Haves: When removing or put, we will leave only a few essentials:

  • The search bar, if we can not put it in the header that would be ideal.
  • The subscription buttons, to the blog and follow us on social networks, that if they can get together in small occupying little, all the better.
  • Navigation of blog, categories, pages, if we can not have it in the header menu.
  • Advertising, if we need to monetize it, but not abuse, more advertising, less attention of the reader, and less will be worth every space individually.
  • Blogroll, ie, our selection of recommended blogs to our readers.

And you .. Any advice or ideas occur to you about it? Are you fulfilling everything? I’m trying .. 😉



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