Write a daily blog bilingual (Spanish and English) and not die trying

Write a daily blog bilingual (Spanish and English) and not die trying
Write a daily blog bilingual (Spanish and English) and not die trying

As some of you know, from barely a few months ago, in November last year 2012, I considered the personal challenge of writing daily in my blog, but also with an added difficulty, do bilingual, for several reasons:

  1. Reaching the world: Spanish is a powerful language that comes to Spain and Latin America, but with English run worldwide.
  2. Improving my English: The only way to improve a language is to practice and so besides watch movies and series in original version and subtitled, and read hundreds of blogs and texts in English, forcing you to express yourself with the language every day is one of my top Tips. If there is going to English-speaking country, as possible.
  3. Learn English speaking people and let them know AdLemons: Why not do to have the system in your language, it is also necessary to show closeness and they see you’re not so different, the language is not a barrier to it.
  4. Become a “media”: Because post daily, is part, or at least the first step of what is content marketing, developing our own communication skills, and put into practice. In fact, who can develop it, enjoy its benefits.

Every day I have in mind things to say, and as not is time to do so, because I am with another issue or not I have access to the laptop, what I do is think of a headline and two lines that summarize the main ideas and arguments to speak. Thus when I sit, in addition to the ideas that may have arisen from the present that day in my reader, also if there is nothing that motivates me, I can pull the tens drafts of topics that interest me play.

But as you will understand, it is not easy to write a daily blog in two languages​​, basically because as the phrase goes:

To achieve something you’ve never had, you must do something you never did.

And so, because to achieve my goal, I basically had to change my daily routine and maintain it. I always considered myself a person night owl, get up “little early” to shift my focus and work ahead of the night where I have always believed to be more productive. Now, since I started the blog, every day I get up at 6:30 to shower, coming soon to the job and before 9:00 am CET the post you are ready and scheduled to come to light, and in the two languages​​. And frankly, I think the effort, and satisfaction is worth. Although still take little time and some of the results obtained so far are:

  1. Having a blog open to the World: Reaching more people.
  2. Learn about other ways view the topics that interest me: the result of this double version, beyond the views you would expect from people who share with you the language, and therefore largely the same culture.
  3. Knowing persons not Hispanic speakers: People of all countries, thanks to the blog and their impact on Twitter and Facebook and other social networks.
  4. Bring international business to AdLemons: That may seem difficult with just a simple blog, but it is possible thanks to the perseverance and the potential opening.
  5. Feeling of satisfaction: By getting to do something you want, and with continued effort you’ll see that besides achieving and reaching more people.

And you .. Do you also have you gotten into a challenge like that or do you have in mind? If you have not yet, you think you brake?


8 thoughts on “Write a daily blog bilingual (Spanish and English) and not die trying

  1. I recently started thinking about doing my blog in both English and Spanish. Currently, it is only in English. But, I think I’ll be writing it in Spanish, as well. Thank you for this post.

  2. Hola Miguel! ¿Aun escribes cada post en ingles y en español? Yo quisiera hacerlo en inglés y español pero no sé si es buena idea, me preocupa estar abarcando demasiado al mismo tiempo y si las personas que me leen en inglés, al ver que escribo en español, se “ahuyentarán” y viceversa., ¿Que me podrías decir acerca de esto? ¡Gracias!

    1. Hola Natalia, la verdad que no tengo mucho tiempo y ahora escribo con mucha menos frecuencia, antes además de endos idiomas era a diario, y sin duda es trabajo hacerlo en dos idiomas, y has ver si te compensa. Pero si te compensa y estás determinada y tienes una motivación clara como aprender inglés, o llegar a un público mayor, o la que sea te será más fácil no dejarlo. Y mientras no tengas todo el contenido mezclado sino separado en ambos url, no veo porque tiene que molestar a nadie que lo tengas en más de un idioma, al contrario si entran al español un inglés agradecerá que lo tengas en su idioma y viceversa. 😉

      1. Hola Miguel! ok perfecto, muchas gracias!! 🙂 el contenido tu lo tienes en el mismo url, pero en diferentes ubicaciones dentro del blog, la versión en castellano está separada de la de inglés. Pero la de inglés, es la primaria es así?


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