As Google Analytics plays with data and information

Google Analytics
Google Analytics

Google Analytics plays with:

The types of traffic sources.

On the Internet there are only two real traffic sources, direct and reference, no longer exist.

Direct Traffic: Because, typing a URL in the address bar of your browser, you can directly access the desired web page, no more. It is the most recommended way to get traffic to any business, because the more we increase that half the percentage of the total, means that we reduce dependence on third-party references, such as advertising campaigns, search engines, blogs and newspaper articles, etc..

The only way to increase our direct trade is to increase our brand awareness and the user does not browse our web page in search engines, or expect to find that someone mentioned it in place, he shared in a social network or mailed to us. But on the other hand, remember our names, and even the domain extension, and enters typing and pressing enter. Brand awareness is achieved only with branding, positioning our product properly in the consumer’s mind.

Reference Traffic: Internet is based on hyper-textual language HTML, which essentially adds the link to the text element, making you jump from one page to another to surf the web. So if another page put a link to yours can cause end his visit on your site, that’s what we call referral traffic and do not care if the source comes from a blog, a newspaper, directory, social network shift or a search engine, or whatever.

Then .. Why have Google Analytics in addition to these two real categories, both in the menu and in the overall pie options Campaigns and <Searche engines? Are they two different sources and additional level with the above? Because for all what they seem.

The first source of traffic: Campaigns (most recent inclusion on the menu), being a sub category: referral traffic, is well placed to encourage, to any web site owner or business, look so outstanding, that to suggest that there is a way to get traffic, which is becoming even not get the traffic that should have.

The second source of traffic: searches (which I believe is included since birth Google Analytics) and is also a sub category: referral traffic, thereby highlighting it, is like saying that users will come by the form, not because the form is found in the Internet, but because Google brings you directly to the reference range. When actually only true for 50% of the equation, because Google does nothing more than a reference either to your website, if the user searches for your name, or any of the possible keywords (keywords) related to your business, or someone you have referred to you.

Play with ORGANIC traffic sources

Because as has been said several times by various experts to come to light this issue, if the user searches for something, then go alone to the web, Google Analytics is targeted on both himself, telling that comes with numbers Google’s search engine visits. Thus, get manipulate our perception of reality to the point that we depend on, and we have to rely even more on Google every day, because all our traffic, that is, views, and therefore purchases, and / or benefits depend Google, as it is not, at least not to the extent that we would want to believe, and least to the extent that “we have left” we tell him.

Play with us and our business

In this article I intend only to alert those being Google Analytics a free tool most used, think they do not pay a PRICE for it, and the price they pay is rather expensive, believe misrepresented data that result INFLUECE OUR DESICIONS and give more power to the monopoly that grows by the second, thanks to gullible as many of us.

And as a private company, they do what they want in their products, or misrepresents information in your analytics tool could be quite irrelevant, but when it is the most used, becomes a general problem and an abuse of power, one over many of the new Microsoft.


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