How to make the most your Twitter Bio

Twitter bio
Twitter bio

I am often surprised to see how many Twitter users waste a tremendous opportunity as is the BIO on Twitter.

I can understand you’re a Twitter user no more, and do not devote to social media or community manager be, or have anything to do with online marketing, even your profession is related to Internet, but even so, as said Oscar Wilde:

There is no second chance for a first impression.”

And if you use Twitter, the Twitter bio is not only on Twitter, but also in most apps that connect to their API, which often use it as their own bio in your profile whenever Twitter suggests new users, retwitt do something, etc, and to appear everywhere is the closest thing to your actual business card equivalent professional in the world of Twitter and the Internet. So if you have an account on this network, you should start now to look out for when you put you signed up, and also have it updated, it says more about us to others than we can imagine.

Its maximum length is 160 characters and many use it to tell their full life, and we should not do that, instead we should have everything we have to tell, but be brief, brevity is a feature of Twitter and also what expect most users are used to express the 140 characters.

In the bio of Twitter can tell what you do well and on what topics can expect to read in your Timeline, either because it is about what you say or because it is about what interests you and therefore you do retwitt, or even or languages ​​in which you write. You can also use keywords preceded by a # that will become a hashtag that lets you take your search on Twitter.

Also, keep in mind that if you have a website, blog, shop, start up or whatever, you should place your url, or rather its domain without http://, and Twitter user, if have. Because Twitter bio is made so that if you place a domain, interprets it, making it a link in which to click and go to the web, and if you put a @user also detected a linkage to profile Twitter user. This also put the name of what interests us promote, we will be able to drive traffic to our sites, and to get new followers to our projects.

And finally, unless you engage in active politics, I recommend not using that short space to talk about politics, because it will have almost 50% of users what they think perhaps rejection.



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