Apple’s App Store debuts new Vanity URL

App Store Vanity URL
App Store Vanity URL

In this recent American SuperBowl, Apple quietly released the new Vanity URL of your App Store in the announcement of the new Star Trek movie.

The url “short” was displayed:, and with it opens the door to developers and owners of companies to deliver applications to users, finally, easier access to the profile of your apps in the App Store, and therefore better access your downloads by domain.

Until now, to link to the page of the mobile application in the App Store, only offered the typical and familiar button with the claim: Available on the App Store, if you surf the web and see the button, with a click is enough to access the download, but both to remember and to transmit, to write from memory the original URL was really difficult because of its size and complexity.

What catches my attention, is because it is only used as “shortening” of the long url’s in the App Store and not directly as url from the App Store, because at this point there is no official domain or url very short and easy to App Store, I think is ridiculous, considering that in truth, the App Store is one of the most valuable assets of the company on the block. Sometimes, it seems that these big companies are capable of great achievements, they find it complex to make things smaller and obvious.

In fact, if we search now “App Store” in DuckDuckGo or if we search “App Store” in Google, found before the Mac App Store, the Amazon App Store (certainly not without a simple url ..) or the Apple official store, or Google Play, the url of the App Store really, that certainly is not easy to remember and type: app-store/. Fortunately, from the App Store Facebook page already link the new domain.

And back to the novelty, there are three types of schemes short url from the App Store for both iOS apps like Mac apps for, here are some examples: (iOS company) (Mac company) (iOS app) (Mac app) (Mac company/app) (Mac company/app)

For those interested, here you have all the info in the Apple documentation can see more information. Come to shorten all! .. before someone will steal your Vanity URL.

Via: TechCrunch



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