Liebster Awards nominated

Liebster award
Liebster award

I want to start this post by thanking MiMemoriaDePez Margaret, for the nomination of My Blog to Liebster Awards. It is always an honor to receive an award for what you do every day.

The Liebster Awards, for who does not know, and until yesterday was my case, are a kind of meme, the usual, which arises from the 2010, which creates a chain of recommendations of 11 blogs nominated, while 11 are answered questions, and ask your nominated 11 more. Something fun as I’ve never participated, there’s always a first time, right? šŸ˜‰

To participate in these votes will have to do the following:

1. – Answering 11 questions

2. – Make a list of your 11 blogs nominated

3. – Formulate the 11 questions the nominees

Here I go with my 11 responses:

1. Why did you decide to blog and when did you start?

I started my first blog back in 2006, after a couple of years of reading blogs of others who were referred to me, of which I learned a lot and I had the opportunity to meet you in person. My first blog was to get inside my thoughts and stay at ease, had more than psychology, philosophy and personnel than professional. Later my blog and became the center of my digital identity to guide my profession through blogs on the internet is working.

2. What brings you have a blog?

It is a way of speaking to the world, to say what I think about certain topics out loud and have the opportunity to read and respond, to discuss what interests me and meet diverse opinions of position myself and make myself a hole in the sector, to force me to a daily routine, to have an additional excuse to read about what my passion and so much more.

3. Where does the inspiration to write?

From what I read on other blogs daily, today, of what happens to me, of what I think can serve others for I have lived before. Of the need to defend what I think.

4. Who is the person you would like to enter into the world of bloggers?

All, I think we all have things to say, and that in turn we all have our audience, and more on blogs, that if anyone cares what you say, you’ll find online.

5. How do you plan for your blog content?

More than plan, every time I have in mind a possible topic, start an entry with its title and some ideas to try or approach, and save it as a draft, so that later, when I start, to continue.

6. WordPress or Blogger? Why?

I started with, like most of the time I think, but WordPress is the best ever and by far, after a few years having on your own server, I am now experiencing self hosted version and its network benefits in first-person.

7. What is your favorite social network and why?

It is something that is changing in me .. Sometimes Twitter is the best of the best, he has his other Facebook, Linkedin others because it is very effective to do business, so I have mixed feelings between them and try to balance them.

8. Do you have a post that you like to write and for some reason you can not? Confess!

I guess, just not always say everything we think, for many reasons, not write everything that passes through our heads, but also try not censor me too, although I can ever find a problem for it ..

9. Do you respond to comments left on your blog?

Yes, always, is the least we can do for someone who bothers to comment on what you write.

10. PC or Mac?

I went from Windows to Linux a couple of years or so for one to MAC and unfortunately despite being a user advocate of free technologies, regrettably, once I’ve had a MAC I can not go back. If MAC release their software with open source licenses would make me happy.

11. – In the off-line moments you love to do?

I like creative activities, travel and be with my people.

And finally, my 11 nominees, which can not be other, to be consistent, some of which I have in my Blogroll, though I can not put all that I admire in one way or another and / or continue, and that although I would love to continue nominees “the game” and answer this MEME, understand perfectly well that they do not, because they can not, do not want, or for any other reason, but my nomination have it likewise. I do not want to feel obliged, this is just a game, maybe a little silly, but it can be entertaining. There are:


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