The Blog Mentions, and use in Influence Marketing

The Blog Mentions, and use in Influence Marketing
The Blog Mentions, and use in Influence Marketing

Today I woke up on my reading feed sources, a great mention of type test (aka review) on the blog of Enrique Dans, the new BlackBerry Z10, in Spanish, the new terminal that RIM introduced to the global market as a rival to the iOS and Android terminals.

Although if I did not have any previous interest in the brand BlackBerry and devices, I’ve always seen as obsolete, and a step behind the competition, I must admit that after reading the article, in which Enrique Blog is one of my many blogs of reference, I have rethought many things, and I started to think if it really should be an option to consider when it comes to change my mobile.

That is called marketing of influence, and has great benefits if managed properly.

In Henry’s case, like many others, has commented on his blog on several occasions that his opinion is not bought with gifts, something respectable and commendable, and if a blogger I read, I would say a recommendable attitude and ethics healthy. But needless, the question is not that, because the goal is not to speak well of one, but only to analyze it and he talks about it honestly.

Because I dare say, that the mere fact that a person who reaches so many people, who have clear ideas and for many very valid opinion, trained and skilled in the art, kindly bothering to take into account a particular product, as thisZ10, is sufficient for the brand to obtain a niche notoriety.

And that is a mention either suggested or had arisen spontaneously in the end is not important, as long as prime respect and freedom to speak out and express themselves without constraint, the important thing is that it has much value for company.

And is very valuable, because it is capable of changing perspectives, focus points, add new arguments, spread new seed ideas, and to even create trends and changing attitudes, because the influence is far more powerful than simple TV ad and more of what we believe, and because well-managed marketing, from respect for others, their honest opinion and fair play, can be really useful and beneficial for a brand and give enough to write a book..

In fact, it is more credible if not everything seems perfect, because even your readers dislike when you have no objection, it would not be natural, except for fan-boys of a brand, but that’s another matter .

DISCLAIMER: By us since last year, we included in our advertising platform on blogs: AdLemons, the option of requesting bloggers mention both: Normal Mentions, ie from a web (URL) of a site, a ecommerce or similar, without physical exchange. Mentions Event Type: from a brand’s invitation to a launch event for a premiere at a premiere for a concert, an experience made ​​for bloggers, etc., in which the blogger would come physically to the place. Mentions Test Type, similar to this one we just saw, in which the reference is made to send a from blogger a product demo for this count as a product analysis of first-person experience and views.



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