Vine, the Twitter app Video

Vine, a possible disturbance in the area of ​​YouTube, a new means of expression, with its new rules, as it was in the world of Instagram photos, until that moment dominated by Flickr, is part of what this new phenomenon raises Internet, which comes from purchasing this app from Twitter, which is based on: create, upload and share videos about 6 sec duration, GIF.
The video sequence can be recorded by pieces, video recording while holding the mobile screen, and for recording when you stop pressing. If you press the screen again, recording continues until you reach the maximum. The result is sometimes a lot like the time-lapse as a trend lately.

Vine, the app of the vineyard, has not come without controversy, because at launch they accidentally snuck a video of adult content in the selection of recommended videos Editors, extending this content on the network quickly and may cause problems with the strict rules of the App store in terms of pornography, as happened recently to 500px app, with photos, erotic art that supposed the removal of the Apple store.

The fact is that this app has great potential to succeed and become the next essential component in our social media strategy, with the consequences that may incur. Given than Twitter is growing, and has already announced that in the first quarter of 2013 release their API Advertising (Advertising API) with which they hope to gain one billion dollars in 2014, I did not spurn this new medium, though not as new as it already existed: Tout (16 sec video) or Viddy, etc. ..

And although I’ve read lately more negative than positive reviews on Vine, I think dedicating myself to social media marketing, we can not afford to not be the first to adopt new trends and try them for ourselves, or later succeed do not, are the things to work in a dynamic and changing, but choosing treat. 😉


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