The new Delicious

The new Delicious
The new Delicious

The other day I finally saw the new Delicious, which for who do not know, Delicious (formerly the hack-domain: is one of the first social networks along with Flickr also was bought by Yahoo just before but after purchase, completely stopped evolving, I remember wondering what items were hundreds of engineers for the project will not change one iota in years.

Despite its immobility and lack of improvement was one of the first, but the introducer folksonomies systems manage when things with tags, in this case links, instead of folders so far as was done with mail and others.

It was the first service that allowed you to store your bookmarks in the cloud, accessible from anywhere, with username and password, instead of having them in your web browser, and also a precursor to the trend of sharing everything, because at that point your things were yours and you, losing all the benefits of putting together the collective knowledge.

What never made ​​Delicious unlike Facebook and others, is to use such brutal amount of information that the user has, to sell advertising, or similar.

Now, since it was bought by AVOS YouTube’s founders, after selling YouTube to Google, has continued to experience many changes and improvements that respecting its essence, provide great advantages.

Today, we see images associated with the links added, adding a link is made with a modal window comfortably from the url that collects data and saves us work, supports tags compounds, suggests other tags, user profile has favorite photo, and converts the descriptive texts adds to each links, in comments to the link, so that we see what others think of each page.

And they have made major improvements in the user interface and especially in the search, which takes the user’s front @ to search for users, the # to search tags, the @me to search among your favorites or @network to search in public favorites of your friends as well as keyboard shortcuts for handling.

Since almost have started from scratch, both in interface design, as in features, all fully re thinking again. They have a long road ahead, but still most veteran network, I think they can bring great value to the scene if they continue with that level of improvement and innovation, especially listening to its users and the feedback that they provide to their community newspaper. Although my opinion Delicious unconditional fan may have something to do with it.

If you have not had some knowledge about it, you are still in time to give it a try. And if so I leave both my account: IvarsMas, and AdLemons account, we use to web-clipping as a news and media mentions.


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