Welcome to the Communication Age

Welcome to the age of communication
Welcome to the age of communication

Until now … it was said that we were immersed in the “Information Age” term that was first used back in 1990 and covered the period in which the movement of information became faster than physical movement.

But today, I think we can talk better than the “Communication Age“, which is almost more important to communicate well or what you do, you almost do .. And although it sounds paradoxical, it is a reality, since artists (LadyGaga, ..), institutions (NASA, ..), political parties (Obama, ..), companies (Apple, Google, ..), or people (Enrique dans), with excellent communication, succeed, sometimes even beyond its real value, and others in addition to its value, of course. And on the contrary, many of which have a good product or noteworthy characteristics, or do not reach to emerge, only and solely for lack of adequately communicate its message, accomplishments, and others to the world with proper communication.

The evolution of information to communication, is simply defined by adding to the equation a sender and a receiver. We not only import data with meaning (information), but have faces, both of who emits: companies, politicians, artists, institutions, people, and who receives, users, customers, voters, fans, etc.. In addition to the message, which says, and the form and the medium in which it says is crucial. And all together, completely changes the game.

And, in the age of communication, it is now not only because of its great importance and involvement in the final results, and because information flows at breakneck speed Internet and social networks, but by the difficulty to reach our target in the most optimal and efficient. In a sea of ​​inputs and daily news of segments of the population located in very concrete niche specific, they are no longer permeable mainstream, because they drink own particular sources, which is not worth the old methods to reach them, must reinvent itself or die.

If we are aware of this change, and revolution which means we ponder our efforts and resources to give everyone the importance it deserves in exchange for the desired result.

What about you, are you okay? What do you think will affect you and what you do to adapt to change?


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