Branch, the new social network from the creators of Twitter, is the new social network finally launched this week by, among others, two of the co-founders of Twitter, Biz Stone and Evan Williams (also founder of Pyra Labs who created and sold Blogger to Google), the yesterday and wanted to talk here.

We offer a new space for “high level talks”, at least as presented is, and where they want it to carry. From the outset, we see that we can start a conversation from a short text or a link to an article, to initiate a debate from this. Then we can invite more people to participate, the idea is to make people who can contribute and enrich the conversation and it can invite other people and so on. The idea is to create useful conversations eliminate noise and increase quality.

Basically I see it has something to Twitter, allowing conversations, but focusing on this, not the instantaneous flow of information that is happening now, which is the timeline, both the user’s profile, as the general who continue .

It has something of the blogs, in the sense that one starts a conversation and the rest is still, in fact, are a perfect complement to discuss an item outside the line of conversation emerged in it, or to give a new point of view from which to approach a topic, besides having nothing to do with the original subject or author, branching conversations, and hence comes the name, initially called roundtable (roundtable), and that once an issue discussed branch can be re-emphasizing what is said by someone as the source of a new topic of conversation.

It also has some Quora, where one asks a question and answers community, although in this case the source can be either a question, as an article, or whatever link.

And finally reminds me a forum with asteroids, where invitations to define the debate, the ramifications promote it to infinity, and spread on Twitter and other websites to embed these conversations with other websites leading you into the debate with you and making it ubiquitous. The truth is funny and I recommend keeping an eye, I see that has potential but is lacking in conversations in Spanish yet. Although its success will depend entirely on how you take the community as with happened to Twitter What are you doing? What’s going on?

Do you? How are you going to use?



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