GeeksPhone, launches with Telefónica, the first 2 smartphones with Firefox OS

GeeksPhone Keon Peak Firefox OS Telefónica
GeeksPhone Keon Peak Firefox OS Telefónica

Today I want to talk about the Global presentation of the first smartphones with the new Firefox mobile operating system, Keon and the Peak that curiously has been accompanied by two Spanish companies, the small manufacturer of smartphones GeeksPhone, with Javier Aguero to the head, and mobile operator Telefónica with the vision of Carlos Domingo. It was not all that happened yesterday, but if you think Branch analysis will leave it for tomorrow.

Some time ago that Firefox, or better said the Mozilla Foundation announced at MWC March last year 2012, its mobile operating system with Telefónica. The mobile device supported, called Open Web Device for revolution suppose to be a telephone based entirely on web technologies: HTML5, CCS3 and JS, and thus completely open standards. Unlike Android or iOS, belonging to such companies, and even Android being open source, involve a lag in responding to the interests of a monopoly and force the industry to learn a new language, new ad-hoc to develop applications for devices of a company and its enclosed garden, included in these .. other OS, in addition to Google and Apple, as Windows Phone, Bada, Jolla, etc. .. Which everyone tries to create its own ecosystem and closed, to let the others out, getting some and others staying on the road.

But in between, are developers which have opened new specialties, and the boom of smartphones and Android have resulted in many new jobs, but ultimately, force brands and companies want to be on the phone to double, even triple efforts to be present at least in mainstream platforms to reach the widest possible audience. And users must choose either option and desist from others.

What would be interesting? That triumph OS Firefox and subtract much ground to Android, so making a web app in HTML5 and hanging in the Marketplace of Firefox or your own site, you could reach the most users. To do this, from Firefox and know the importance of developers and application ecosystem for the triumph of operating system, have launched initiatives such as the Firefox OS App Days with calls throughout the world and have the tutorial ready to start making your apps Firefox OS, which really makes you want to start …

If finally not obtain the expected market share in a short time, at least there would be a real alternative to the two sharks, which would eventually impose that logic gradually and that made ​​HTML5 apps will also be used in Android and iOS and so forth, and so over time, leaving for the minority uses ad-hoc development on those platforms, where justified. But there are still things to see, the interesting thing is that now there is a light at the end of the tunnel, so that sanity returns to reign, and that is to thank both vision: Mozilla, Telefónica and GeekPhone.


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