The Internet domain name and its devaluation

The Internet domain name and its devaluation
Los nombres de dominio en Internet y su devaluación

When I started on the subject of Internet domains was still very early and it was a matter of a little privileged. They were “expensive”, hard to get … constrained application of all kinds, etc.. At that time, amateur pages did not even have one, and sometimes through ignorance or companies in Spain, usually in sub-platforms were shared hosting free hosting services like, Arroba, Geocities, , or the like, but to become popular domain names for its affordable price, ease of purchase, and other extensions liberalizations, and start having being important keywords in the domain in the field of SEO, and prioritized the extension by country ccTLD domain when positioned in search engines, were slowly gaining popularity.

I remember the domain aftermarket sales and purchase millions, was a continuous current topic, that occupied hours and hours of my time, becoming for many people in a profession. Find high potential generic domains before anyone and then sell, it was difficult, but fun. In order to be: with a keyword in them, in the plural, in English, and extension. “Com”. but there were aggravating the price down, as being. net, or. is singular, in Spanish, etc, etc … Buy domains could be quite a very profitable and lucrative business, and reference blogs were already very popular, and even there like Domisfera, or, Ferran Arricivita friend, where you could keep up with all purchases sales and more millions, or in forums like the mythical and fun

I myself did some buying and selling domains, and by the way .. registered few hundred, like most of those who were engaged in the business, without ever getting rich. But what is clear is that this has changed.

Although there will always be the need for large multinationals to protect their brand globally acquiring thousands of domains like Google in 2007 and had more than 7000 names, but in those cases, no business, because if they match the brand , you may be removed by the legal mechanisms.

Therefore, if we consider that, 1. On one hand, name domains do not have so much weight in SEO, 2. Which to start a startup, and you do not need the perfect domain. One need only look at those that arise every day in Silicon Valley, now prefers to invent a pleasant and suggestive name, or use a strange extension, it seems that no longer create new every day .., to buy the domain star , generic and. com, as previously done, even buying a bad start and cheap domain with,,, or, if already funded, we consider the possibility of acquiring the desired domain. Without going any further: was to start. always been, but the issue of hack domains is a different issue. 3. Not only is accessed from the search sites, but from social networks, becoming almost more important the username in Twitter or Facebook that the domain itself.

In summary, we can say that although domain names remain the gateway to all business on the net, its prominence has faded, or at least has mutated into other forms more sensible and occupies a more balanced, taking much past business, and a very bright earlier era, and surely much perhaps unfortunately, no longer will never recover.


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