Facebook Graph Search, could stand up to Google search engine?

Facebook Graph Search
Facebook Graph Search

Mark Zukerberg Before yesterday presented the new features of Facebook stored with such suspicion, the new search engine dubbed Graph Search and integrated into the social network, which uses semantic technology to recognize the query, allowing natural language search. Given that many of us have all our social graph (circle of friends) got there on Facebook, expands the current search radius to this area, the social recommendations, letting us know that they like our friends, family, people living in our city, classmates, college, or where they have been lately and checking, etc etc.

But the question is: Is Facebook Graph Search could stand up to Google search engine? And although at the moment I see the Graph Serach very innovative and disruptive, something that until now was not possible, and that no one else could perform, as Danny Sullivan said, that Facebook is the only one of so many that has personal information 1,000 million users, and so well organized, is to put the information back to the social network daily, to our service. And although I think that is really new, as I say, I do not see a priori time, how can we take advantage, but I’ve signed up for the waiting list, to prove it, because I’m dying.

What is clear is that Facebook responds to Google, like Google did to get into social networking, getting now in searches. And makes all the sense in the world, because if we spend an average of over 4 hours per user on this site, why not also make it something we did outside, such as search?

But also, if we do, we can do with the power and differential value we can offer our circle of friends, and all that this implies collective intelligence. Curiously, as suddenly just invented, or at least consolidate, the need for SEO on Facebook, and Google no longer has the last word only, but also see how Google is soon to retaliate with similar aspects in your browser now having Google Plus, but do not use it for the moment hardly anyone more than a few geeks.

From Facebook, they see only an extension to the current searches, which positions it as the 3rd pillar in the user experience along the timeline (profiles) and newsfeed (home), but inside I think they know that it is much more. What I’m wondering is when Mark & Co. think, to attack seriously the core of Google, including a web search engine, and leaving aside the partnership with Microsoft’s Bing, which slows them this dependence in terms of potential. Although apparently seen, and its ability to stay ahead and innovate, surprising everyone, not ruling anything in the future.


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