Today I want to talk about the permeability to the new. In a society that every day changes to a more rapid pace, that what is true today, tomorrow is no longer valid, and that the changes we can see everywhere around us, from level: Internet, and change management of cookies and privacy for example. In Social Media, where until the other day we had a timeline profile on Facebook, and now we change again. Or the new social network of the moment. In medicine, it seems likely soon and you can prevent AIDS. Laws, from Thursday, is no longer required to pay 1 euro per prescription in Catalonia, and pharmacists will have to re-adapt, like the bars with the anti-snuff in Spain. And continue on and on.And, in an increasingly dynamic environment like this, you have two choices, to stay anchored to the past, or evolve and be permeable to the new, and susceptible to change, both is valid for companies and individuals, so that just as postulated Darwin “The species that survive, not the strongest, nor the most intelligent, but those that are better adapted to the changes” well, this is a reality today more than ever and that the Internet is even more so. In political terms, it is as if progressives had more advantage in the current environment, compared to conservatives, to take it to another view.

And here on the Internet and social media, which arise most new trends, for ease of network communication, diffusion capacity and spread of social media with the viral component, because today is speaks of something new, and soon, if you like, is already worldwide.

That’s why we have a really big advantage where you write blogs daily of an issue, because in these newer issues arise, the most advanced, and from there to tip in social networks is achieved further information propagation , to turn ideas into reality.

The trendsetter is a term originating in the field of fashion, and refers to people who define and “placed” the trends for next season, consciously and justifying the reason for it. It is not only applicable to this area, now big technology companies have created new trends and even as Apple revolutionized industries in using: mp3 players: iPod, smartphones: iPhone, mobile apps usage: App Store, tablets : iPad, or Google in access to information or Amazon on the consumption of books, Facebook communication in personal relationships, Twitter share news, etc..

But the part that interests me is that perhaps it may be the most everyday that is available to each of us every day, and I mean a tredsetters close and accessible, as are the bloggers, those speaking daily a theme, eventually manage to raise them as experts in the eyes of industry, and can have the ability to define what is to come, because with such background behind it look really clear.

These are the people who are more in touch with these daily changes in their sector, and linking niche experience with continuous learning, adaptation endless news and innovations and cutting-edge knowledge at the time it arises, providing viewers , which are also often other bloggers and avid readers of news to spread their opinion on the latest, coolest, or the most innovative, to preserve its position and prestige and their own continuity.

Is it or is not sufficient reason to be in the bloggesfera both writing (blogger) and reading (reader blogs)? Your are already? Is it one of these reasons? Tell me walking down ..



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