Manage your friends on Facebook and avoid noise

Manage your friends on Facebook and avoid noise
Manage your friends on Facebook and avoid noise

Each day, inevitably we pour more and more of our daily lives in the most popular social network in the world, our photos, our events, interest groups, tastes, share news, and especially amass friends and contacts, but every day we have more and there comes a point that if we do pass filter to be a nice place to a hellish place, with too many inputs, which consume our available dose of daily care.

Every day Facebook is more complex, and perhaps more inaccessible to who comes first, but from my point of view it does is evolve as needs demand it, the result of this, created the lists you could to accept someone add “tags”, so that you could then share content with a list or other, for example. I became created list for locations, depending on where I met the person or that area, Internet, Family, etc. then Facebook created Smart lists that practically do this, but does this automatically, creating lists by location as where the user, but has recently launched three new kind of lists I want to comment:

Best Friends: A list VIP in you can add your best friends, and you’ll see more about them in your news section and receive a notification whenever they publish something, then you will see all about him.

In addition there is also the option to disable these additional notifications.

Acquaintances: This list is not to look bad, accept a person but you do not care too much what he says, at least not to have it this good. Since the people in your buddy list rarely occur in your news section.

You can also exclude choosing to publish something, “Friends except known” in the audience selector.

Restricted: The list of commitments, which add to the people who have to accept but do not want to directly know anything about you. People in this shortlist, will only public content or post in what you’ve tagged.

Proper use of these tools will allow us to separate the wheat from the chaff and clean a little timeline of Facebook than it does not interest us.

BONUS: To access these lists, we have only to accept a friend (or one already accepted) in their profile keep the mouse over the button Add to friends and we will see options list. And if we can choose: Receive notifications and Show in latest news.


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