5 key ways to position itself as reference blog

5 key ways to position itself as reference blog
5 key ways to position itself as reference blog

Writing a blog is very nice, and even fun, provided you do writing of what you like. But if you follow some guidelines in addition, get achievements that reinforce those reasons with results. If you write a blog and aspire to become a reference in your niche, you should consider some tips that follow are related. Let’s try to see them here:

1. Talk about today before anyone else, when it arises a news in the blogs, it spreads like gunpowder in the blogosphere and social media and everybody talks about it. If you’re the first, or the first to post about it, or more simply just the first to do it in Spanish or your language, if the news comes from the USA, probably receive many trackbacks from other blogs referring to news, because the read in yours earlier than others, and Google will position you above the rest of blogs because you spoke before the others.

2. Tell useful things, you, me, and everyone we know more than we think or rather we can share with others things that we can not imagine, we are in the professional field that is, by our daily work we learn certain skills that others appreciate dramatically and probably for you is the most everyday world. Find in the physical world who value it can be an endless task but do post about publishing, not only will you attract people that have to do with your industry but position you as the person to follow because it gives us knowledge of good .

3. Speak up with, because if you have a blog, is to talk about what you know, and tell us what you think about it without mincing words, half measures do not succeed. Communicate you master a subject, because we are all experts in something, and if you can do expert on something related to your profession or job aspirations, much better, and also if you share it via post to your blog, you bring many advantages: positioning , contact, recognition, visibility, business .. etc, and is suitable to your company’s corporate level, if you do, individually and professionally.

4. Be constancy, the mere fact of starting a blog, it’s cool, but continue to publish daily, is really an extra effort, sometimes because we ask not believe that, why not go with us, we will not get that much to do , we have nothing interesting to say, and self-similar excuses. But when you start something, you have to go for it, or even better stay out. In blogs consistency is one of the most important keys if we take advantage of what we do and why the present for what it is, and plan is essential.

5. Be yourself, authenticity is very appreciated nowadays, and that allows us to feel comfortable with what we do, why we do it our way, but in the digital media, specifically blogging, personality print your words as you type, you follow who make do in a loyal, if you follow, it’s because he likes you and your personality and express yourself. Respond to our side rather subconscious, which often can not fully explain, but we know it’s there. When you are authentic / a to write, it shows, and marks the foundation of blogging, which is not so far removed from a book, or journalism, without being the same, it seems, only adding to our personality, opinion, feelings and the same person, in each of the words we speak in writing.

What would be your key on that? Do you agree or should add any?



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