Make a competitive analysis of an online business

competitive analysis
competitive analysis

In an increasingly competitive environment, whatever you do, or think to do, probably because there is competition, or doing the same on the other side of the planet, or next door. So whether your business has to do with the Internet, and it is essential to make a good analysis of competition prior to start, and keep it alive for the life of the business.

I am very curious by nature, and when I think about something to start, or a subject I may want to develop, the first thing I think is almost there and look, if it is better than I thought, and if it could be improved , and thoroughly investigate every possible way that I have the Internet to find the state sector, the current players, their level of development, who are behind where they are physically located, the physical factor may have much to do, even as is known, which is marketing strategies, etc.

Sources: The sources of information you can find in many places, I tell you some.

Wikipedia: Starting page definition of that deal, and see the bottom of the page if you add a leader in the segment. If you do not know the word used to define “it”, you better look as you call it, and it varies with synonyms and the like to give as the market calls, I went to one of the enterprises that started it after months of work, I was calling him one way, and thought he was inventing the wheel because I could not find anything similar, when later discovered that another name was already established, and that if there was competition and established. Not recommended.

Blogs: If we get into the niche blogs that talk about it, surely if the leader speak, we find in other projects related items like this.

Directories: Directories From strart-ups such as: Angel List to Crunch Base, VentureBeat Profiles or the same Linkedin, etc.

DuckDuckGo: This search engine alternative to Google, gives us the Zero Click which is nothing more than a broken result, the most appropriate, without having to click. If you find an established leader may not have the whole market or weaknesses we see clearly be improved, because it is the core of your business, because you do not have the right technology, staff, vision, etc. In these cases it is helpful to seek alternatives to these “leaders”, and for that you better ..

AlternativeTo: It is not the only site of its kind, but one of the most complete and is really useful when you search for something the competition is completed by wiki users that offers a number of alternative possibilities, quite rightly, what discovering you can not image that already exists making competition to what we already know.

Having found the competition, because if we do not lose heart, but rather begin to study it and crumble, watching every detail. What I do is a competition graph, which we always iWeekend against the clock, it is not clear more than once each players accomplishments put together highlighting each of their two or three most important characteristics, specialization, geographic scope, size. So that we can visually see their relationship with each other and the resulting gaps if any, and to what extent business can suppose cover and how much effort can make their careers and paths views.

After launching our business, not over the competition analysis as businesses are alive, grow and evolve and mutate, anytime Google enters your field and you shreds. As is to be alert all the time looking around you that make each of these competitors and how do they get, how, to see if we want to continue trying to improve what they do, or just the opposite establishing clear differences to position ourselves in the polar opposite of this.

As you see I have not gone into the classic SWOT’s not like, because rather the intention was simply to share my way of studying the competition if I can be helpful, maybe not perfect.



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