Remove a contact from Linkedin

remove Linkedin contact
remove Linkedin contact

Now that LinkedIn has reached 200 million users around the world, perhaps it is time for you to get rid of a spammer or unwanted contact, neither understands the workings of a professional social network like LinkedIn, understand or does not make, carrying out malpractices that interfere with your daily productivity and make you waste time.

In my case, I am a long time ago in Linkedin, and I have a very open policy in this network because I believe that never, and let me stress, NEVER have enough professional contacts, and therefore everybody approve initially, and I have not had too many problems nonetheless.

But it is true that as every rule there are exceptions, as some who choose to buy you as a contact and immediately send messages without being generalists or remote your interest by selling something you have not asked. Or directly pyramid schemes, although few in Linkedin one arrives.

In those cases, I searched and searched, because although it should be more naked this option, it is not as much as it should.

In the top menu, we thirdly: Contacts, and pressing, we listed our address book, in it, up in the right corner is the link Delete contacts, and clicking to go to a list if we choose the starting point for the contact, his name appears, select the program and select Delete contact and asks:

Are you sure you want to delete these contacts? This action is not reversible.

You’re about to break the following contacts:


We click to: Yes, delete. And go!

I hope to serve you and enable you to make an unwanted subject sanitation. šŸ˜‰



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