Leverages time

leverages time
leverages time

Time is a limited resource and therefore valuable, as you get older you appreciate it more, because as you spend more aware that “going” faster and you have less, that minute is not used properly, will no longer to “return”.

Seeing him like that certainly can be overwhelming and stressful, but we will sort our own priorities and plan what you want to do and we want to invest in this precious commodity which, equally in principle, all we have, because depending on the use you give over our lives get satisfactory results, or ones that let us down.If in addition to planning our preferences, we are continuing to carry out our daily goals consistently, results motivate us to achieve these goals in turn to ask and face new challenges with more confidence in ourselves. In my own experience every goal achieved, small it may be has added to the next, especially when faced with something new you do not know whether it will, think before you accomplished other, is a big boost and pushing guarantee.

The time is used in many ways, from reading downtime, or the metro and bus routes, learning the topic that interests us, whenever we find time, practicing a language to watch a movie or series in original language to learn it, taking time under rocks to write on your blog daily. Each one decides it’s priority at all times, and that choice determines how we are continuing in the end, we got and where we arrived.

I know many people who get carried daily by circumstances, by becomings and that his life is an accumulation of meaningless coincidences that normally dislike not knowing how or what to do about it, but as I said a saying Valencian “al que no fa, li fan” which translated would be “who do not, you do”, which for me is to say, if it’s not you who determines your future, events and things that determine whether others come to you, and you are caught by surprise by the way.

So to use the time, both personally with your partner, friends, family, and professionally with your company, job, etc must take control, stop for a second and plan, and so you will see that if not 100 %, which is sometimes difficult, because not everything always depends on us, but things will work pretty much as you wanted. Because when the event, chance, offering, opportunity, or offering, and have a plan B alternative more appropriate, or if you are aligned with your goals, you can still adopt knowing that your aspirations.

This way of thinking, and directing your actions has given me great satisfaction, because although not infallible, I am convinced that each of us create our own future every day with each other and with each no.

And you also you plan to take advantage of time, or you are someone who gets carried away?


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