New redes de (blog networks)

blog networks
blog networks

For some time we launch, without wanting to make too much noise, redes de (a blog networks directory), a project with the idea to show the existence of a very powerful publishing sector in Spain, such as blog networks, which we had also for our day to day with a lot of information for our expertise in AdLemons in advertising on blogs.

It is not our intention to compete with compilations like the mythical ranking Gonzo theorizes that launched at the time, nor the posts of friends as Señor Muñoz or Loogic, far, we simply publish this information that we work with and maintain daily and that we believe we can be sharing it useful.

Now also, after a time, we have wanted to give a facelift to shine and do it in a more comprehensive, complete and entertaining. At least that was the intention.

If any information is missing and does not respect the reality, or is not current enough, the best thing is register in AdLemons, so it’s always up to date, even if you are not the owner of the network, we also allow you to send us suggestions for the AdLemons contact form. And the idea is that it can be done directly from the sheet as we are preparing and wiki-style, as other directories like: Angel List List or TechCrunch Base.

In AdLemons Blog explain everything in detail, but basically is a project that we will evolve with the intention of turning it into industry benchmark. For aspirations earlier this year for missing;)


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