New year, new life

new life
new life

Happy new year everyone! those who follow me here and newcomers. For my part after two weeks off my blog, I return to the fray with my blog.

I’ve been with my blog six years, although with a somewhat uneven rhythm of publication, and this year I have wanted to consolidate, writing daily as I finished 2012, I think I have much to tell, share and learn. See if also still gives me so much joy as before, but the satisfaction of writing simply because it’s worth it.

This year 2013 that begins a challenge in itself, for many ways, both personally, and professionally with my company AdLemons, as the environment itself. An environment that looks kinda nice though initially, each and every one of us can do because it is not.

I always considered myself an optimist, but even the most positive of all you can dampen the morale with such negativity around, so, if I may, I recommend my intentions for this coming year, if I can serve to share:

View less TV and read more of what you want, especially in ebooks and blogs on the Internet and increase your expertise in the subject/s that you are passionate about, even daring to open your blog, if you have not already done so, and get you to become a reference in this thematic, as I bring you benefits that have occurred or are possible.

Set goals to achieve, and work with perseverance, enthusiasm and without looking back or around to move them forward. If you doubt this, read the book of good luck, if you have not already read that is sure to leave a useful overview of how to face your destiny.

Balancing personal and professional life, a challenge for what’s coming, and how badly we’ve been so far, at least I do.

Finish and publish my book, I have started two years ago and can not find the time slot to finish, it has nothing to do with writing a blog with write a book, but it is a challenge I want to tackle a lot, and recommend it to all the people consider, and not only for that of plant a tree, having a child and write a book.

AdLemons: Consolidate our strategies in various fields, in the end of year we had good news about it, and we want that 2013 is a memorable year.

Looking far, far away, and not only at the level of ambition, but also geographically and more now. If you do not look away, no never arrive anywhere. As my father always told me: “If you aim at the target, you just shoot the foot, if you aim for the moon .., just like giving your goal.”

See the glass half full always, the attitude with which we face what we do is crucial and represents in my experience 50% of the final result, if we do not trust ourselves and our abilities, and we all in getting what we propose, hardly get to do. Opting for something you want with all your strength and let the skin get in reach. If at the end for whatever reason, did not get to met 100% as expected, at least have done what you love. 😉

That said, get to work this year 2013 is not only memorable. Bring It!


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