The Ideal Social CRM

social CRM ideal
social CRM ideal

The CRM (Customer Relationship Management) has become an indispensable tool for us to efficiently manage our customer relationships. It allows us to build a database that manages to have every registered trade movements, and together, to join forces and do not miss opportunities, not annoy customers and contacted, or if we do know at what point is always was our relationship, and continue from there, if convenient. Nowadays there are few things that give me more angry that I receive a call of a company offering me their product, being that I did previously and I bought it and I refused.

But despite that CRM is a must, I believe that should evolve, and a clear step in its evolution is integration. Most CRM’s already integrated with email, us since we started in AdLemons work with vtiger, an open source solution of German origin in php and inspired by SugarCRM and SalesForce, ie, in the cloud, but unlike these, is completely open source, not as Salesforce to charges and self hosted, or open source SugarCRM, to be paid for every little thing, in vtiger charge only slightly more than one euro to the mobile app if you buy it.

But even though we are happy with our CRM, I miss more integration with social networks, which is what the market demands, and a company like ours dedicated internet and social media need. And what I mean by integrated with social media because you can not just put the social networking profiles of my leads, contacts and accounts, which we already do with vtiger with custom fields, but far beyond as power find the contacts you are talking about a topic related to mine or my subject or my brand, to interact with it, but that some do believe, as Smmart form Zaragoza, Spain, see expanded profiles of my contacts that we already Zoho CRM or Hearsay Social has, for example, even as Zurmo in gamification.

What I mean is that if I’m commercial or doing sales work, I should open the CRM software and not leave it until the end, may:

Having integrated social networks like Hootsuite does, but at the level of CRM related contacts and opportunities, as well as e-mail, and if I go to a contact, you can see that I said on Facebook, I responded on Twitter (especially private messaging), and just exchanging e-mail, which caused the call or sms to the meeting, and ultimately the opportunity. Our reality and not only in the mail, this is another channel to communicate. And I understand that should pick an integrated and efficient CRM ideal. Is it too much to ask? Do we ask the letter to Santa Claus? The nearest approach to this is Nimble, but still has much. Do you know more options? Share your ideas without fear in the comments.



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