The gossip of Social Media and Internet

2.0 gossip
2.0 gossip

It seems that we have nothing more to tell and interesting to talk to every day, that to talk about the same thing: Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Google, Instagram, Foursquare, Quora, WordPress, Pinterest, Amazon, Tumblr, etc, etc, etc ..

As these large multinational companies have almost no marketing budget, for all of us as a legion of communication to them, doing free diffusion, and reminder of brand, and launch new products through our blogs, Twitter, walls Facebook and other ..

In fact, like all large companies are all in USA, only talk of large foreign companies, which is what’s cool, and we forget perhaps not as large companies, and more local and closer to us and our reality, which sometimes make things interesting and important, but the interest that the big is therefore exerting pressure that seems to only be interesting to talk about Silicon Valley and his gossip.

If there is here a great product or a great idea is worth nothing, and instead if it comes from one of these large companies to the smallest detail is everywhere diffused.

Many times until something ridiculous extremes, that if Apple has changed school friends, that if one of Google and not talk to them and go with Yahoo, that of Twitter have changed of calculator, which Tumblr the reforms made ​​in the facade, that Google and Apple fight over the open and see who wins, that Instagram change the furniture, that if Google has a new bar on the social area. And so every day .. Sometimes I look at with some perspective and I hallucinate.

At the end of this, instead of relevant and serious information, this seems more the neighbors courtyard and gossip of housewives 2.0. But it is also true that like every day Internet is the center of our social lives, is that it is normal we have to get used to this. What you see as normal or absurd? Do you like or do not mind?



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