Schedule your mails and track mails when opened with RightBox

E-mail has reached a level that already seems to have little to innovate, the services had remained behind, as Microsoft’s Hotmail with evolution, and Yahoo Mail with its new redesign has given them a wash important that today brings, but oddly enough, there were still features to include.

This is the case RighBox plugin for Firefox, Chrome and Safari that allows you to extend the functionality of Gmail, for example:

  1. Schedule an email to be sent later without you’re in front of computer to do. This is useful when we want to send a mail a little later and we have to leave earlier, when we need to make it look like we are sending mails when we are not. Lets put it off a few hours or days.
  2. Track mail reading, when we are not aware of whether the recipient is going to read and it is imperative we be certain that, if we set this option will send an email has been opened once, giving full details of the time of opening and others.
  3. Count clicks, recorded each time the recipient clicks on a link to the mail we sent and informs us, a common feature in the e-mail marketing, brought personal mail.
  4. Remind send a mail, this is like a calendar reminder function, but integrated in the mail, as opposed scheduling delivery, simply do not forget to send it.

It has limited free version, although quite extensive, and unlimited payment.

Existing these improvements will streamline our work, but when popularize, also will bring little consequence, as it will no longer enforce ideas very settled so far as that if you send an email to that time you were working, or simply the date email is a valid reference to something.



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