How to know the relationship between two users of Facebook?

Facebook friends
Facebook friends

Maybe more than one gets bitten by the curiosity to know what are known two people or two contacts have in common that we know. Or just browsing Facebook have seen that Facebook tells us that we have a person in common with other contact who had no idea that he knew a friend of ours.

Well, Facebook in an effort to make visible all about human relationships has a feature that tells us these things, surprisingly unashamedly and publicly. Let’s see it.

In the profile of the other contact, on the right of the photo profile on the wheel next to the word Message, if we click on it, and we’ll see friendship, tell us the relationship we have with this person at least on Facebook

But if you need to know the details that unite us two contacts without being one of them, you just have to go to:

And replace USER1 by your username and user name of the other person in USER2, we will have a large amount of data that Facebook developers know and maybe we surprised ourselves.

If no has customized user, also works well:

Where ID1 and ID2 is the identification number of his profile URL

Curious is not it?



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