Great TV ad: ING Direct sponsors think

Yesterday watching TV, which I do rather little lately, I was pleasantly surprised to find a different ad, an ad in which he used his time, not to say how good they are, or the latest offering they have, but to rest in both advertising impact and noise, so audacious, leaving the screen only with an orange background and ambient sounding tune .. And this is the text of the ad (translated):


Something new on TV …

30 seconds just for you.

Without fanfare. No noise.

(long time without anything just orange)

THINK ING Direct sponsors.

Despite what Risto Mejide says, I think a great ad, because it is different, because it is simple, cheap, and makes you feel good for a moment, and invites you to something very necessary. I understand that is well aligned with the brand, positioning the brand as the brand of those that think, in an attempt to be the smart choice. Congratulations to ING Diret and Sra Rushmore, which seems to be the author’s creative agency.

As a bonus, I leave another ING Direct campaign to celebrate its 13th anniversary, which I also thought was great:

We have all day to say thanks


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