Deepen your knowledge of social influence, beyond Klout

social influence
social influence

Social influence every day is one more aspect to be considered by everyone, especially those who are dedicated to the Internet, because every day we spend more time on social media, and therefore, is an indicator of our social activity on the Internet.

It lets us know, if we relate well with others at the level of productivity, if our presence is relevant, and if our actions have resulted in our reputation online, which makes what we say in Internet more or less taken into account , is able to lead others to action, and that is just the influence: “the ability to drive to action.”

Most we’ve ever concerned measure our influence in Internet know Klout, but Klout today merely:

  • To assign to a rate of influence from 0 to 100
  • Tell us if its positive or negative evolution in time
  • Percentages indicate the source of our influence of each social networks
  • Actions show more impact our timeline to learn from them
  • Who do you influence and who influences you

Over time, due to its popularity and seeking to maximize its adoption, have made Klout, if useful, showing much information from your social activity, to just show these five points, oversimplifying the information provided, but with to make it simpler and reach a wider audience, lost in profit.

But besides Klout, there are several other initiatives in this line:

Alianzo here in Spain, by Jose Antonio del Moral, establishing leading blogs rankings for more than six years, and currently the Ranking Alianzo meter is a kind of influence, in which you also breaks down your social networking activity and allows you to compare profiles.

The European PeerIndex that similarly to Klout simplifies all information to offer, focusing on the people who influence you and influenced you, areas of influence and its indicator.

Kred that despite giving you enough information, but from my point of view, in a confused and chaotic Pinterest style, perhaps because their focus is making visible your social media story. Add another indicator, outreach, that is your level of generosity in making SM RT, @ y Reply to others. More info.

Our LemonRank in AdLemons, which is limited to the level of influence of a blog in the blogosphere with indication from 0 to 8.

And PeerReach, European also the Netherlands, I think the last to arrive, and combines an extraction of the topics about which are most important or are more interested, but lets see social-geographical scope: global, country by sex, and get to see in each issue who you influence, making thematic rankings, and has Alianzo similar to a top social activity thematic and geographical, but so far only limited to Twitter. More info.



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