12/12/12 Matches and ends of the World


Since the World began, or rather, since humans are in it, we expected the End of the World in more than once, and matched the dates make us expect magic moments, or important events. In 2000 should already have been a major catastrophe (originated by computers), that wasn’t so, and if we look back in history, we will see the same thing sometimes.

12/12/12 Today in Asia marry in mass, which is to their culture that date a symbol of good luck, as did the 11-11-11, which was a symbol of eternal love, or 10 – 10-10 it was perfection.

The only certainty, it seems that today 12/12/12 is expected to run very close to the earth (almost 7 million, the lowest ever recorded distance) the asteroid 4179 Toutatis, but no risk, in fact you can follow live from several web sites like Wired. And taking advantage of the coincidence also will perform a global concert, and a marketing campaign out there .. campaign as Media Markt, or a video series of AXA in Mexico, taking advantage of the end of the world and that ..

But the date is information invented by us, so it is only an aspect linked to culture, and therefore has little to do with the world and its future, rather, these coincidences are just curious look according as we take it we can be as much fun.

So, I fear that neither nor 21/12/12, or as others say will be 23/12/12, or today 12/12/12 as the Indians say, is not going to end the world, but aligns the Sun, the Moon, Mercury and Venus in the constellation Scorpius and Jupiter in Taurus, and therefore we must continue with our lives … so much encouragement to your day. And sorry for the off topic article, but before the world ends wanted comment .. heh heh!


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