Menthora the Spanish Quora and how take advantage of opportunities that others leave

Menthora platform questions and answers that perhaps many will know, is differentiated from Yahoo Answers in that position has been achieved at the highest level, as attracting users to the most recognized experts, or even the same protagonists of matter wondering, since most exclusive elites. Perhaps that one of its founders was Adam D’Angelo the CTO of Facebook or that to founding it received $ 11 million investment, had something to do..

In spite of its success, has always had a clear weakness, and is in addition to only be in English, being that emerged in 2009, to date has never accepted questions from users who are not in English. Moreover the questions that were in another language, were banned from a press release.

And of course, apparently seen a year ago appeared Menthora, could be called the Hispanic Quora, taking advantage of the space left by this great service has found the perfect hole to clearly position itself as a fierce competition, and with a very good product, from what I have seen.

Menthora is founded by the mexicans: Jorge Téllez and Pastorinni Ochoa from Black Company, where was created previously as a result of which has evolved Menthora.

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