5 keys mobile marketing and a question

mobile marketing
mobile marketing

Today, as a public holiday in Spain, I leave a full and interesting Spanish article written by Joana Sanchez titled Las 5 claves del Mobile Marketing para tu negocio (In English: The 5 Key in Mobile Marketing for your business’s) from El blog de Mujeres Consejeras y Consejables. And take the opportunity to launch an inquiry into the air, to see who gives the best answer.

Certainly, I believe that no one questions already, that mobile is an essential part of the present and the future and you have to be in it and work mobile marketing strategy, because every day users spend more time on the Internet from these devices, but I wonder:

Does the use of mobile phones, is or will substitute computer, both portable and desktop? That is: Do you think that in 2016 (to take a date) nobody will use laptops and all mobile smart phones and tablets? Or instead, despite the use of mobile devices increase in number of users, and the time comes when there is no longer anyone who did not use mobile devices, we continue using your PC, Mac, etc to work, see TV, series, etc. ..?

Let’s see who is brave that dare to give us his opinion.



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