Celebrities on social networks: Linkedin

famous on Linkedin
famous on Linkedin

I’m surprised to find by chance Mejide Risto’s profile on Linkedin, but has gone furthest my surprise, when I find the profiles of many other celebrities, that neither I had thought that might be around here ..

For someone like me who works in Internet, Linkedin is a top social network, especially if you work in this sector, and social networks where I spend all day, but meet all these personalities, although I am not fond to follow Spanish celebrities and gossip .. when you see one you recognize .., has been really interesting and made me think that the popularity and usefulness of Linkedin, has already gone too far.

Although after the phone list celebrity distributed here in Spain recently, this may seem a small thing .. 😉 Never hurts to have a president or former president of government among your contacts, or Obama himself .. not sure for what to invite, nor whether they will accept the invitation, but if not accepted the invitation, for what reason they are on Linkedin?

There is a little of everything from: athletes, journalists, actors, politicians, .. Please take that you prefer:

  1. Cristiano Ronaldo on Linkedin
  2. Jose Mourinho on Linkedin
  3. Leo Messi on Linkedin
  4. Joan Laporta on Linkedin
  5. Florentino Pérez on Linkedin
  6. Pep Guardiola on Linkedin
  7. Manuel Campo Vidal on Linkedin
  8. Alfredo Urdaci on Linkedin
  9. Toni Cantó on Linkedin
  10. Rosa Díez on Linkedin
  11. Esperanza Aguirre on Linkedin
  12. José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero on Linkedin
  13. Mª Dolores Cospedal on Linkedin
  14. Mariano Rajoy on Linkedin
  15. Barack Obama on Linkedin

And you, you are not on Linkedin? I do, so if you want to connect:

Miguel Angel Ivars Mas on Linkedin

Indeed, some of these profiles may be false, but I doubt in Linkedin, I’ve only compiled som of them, I have not checked .. so I’m not responsible for the consequences. Ah! and if you know any celebrity profile on Linkedin, you can share them in the comments;)


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