iWeekend ..What memories!

Today we have reviewed registered domains.. I have found: mehanrobadoel.com, a domain name that comes from the November 2007, the first iWeekend held in Barcelona. In that iWeekend we registered this domain with the aim of launching a viral campaign taking advantage of the downturn that in the middle of the event weekend, when stole to us the name chosen (theoretically already registered for hours..), and on which we were working all: logo, website, and etc. ..

Luckily, in the end we knew cope and react in time continuing forward, taking advantage of the happened for us to do something better.

And this, is just another example of attitude when are an entrepreneur, fight always. With that, came final name of AdLemons. I leave a photo showing some of the previous brainstorming.

Votaciones de los nombres finalistas

I just want to take this opportunity to encourage entrepreneurs will gather in iWeekend Castellón this coming weekend, to squeeze the most of everything that is iWeekend both contacts, experience working hard, because if you take it with that attitude, open and constructive, may be one of the best things you can do hardly ever in two days and peak weekends.


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