The open strategy of Twitter and their dilemmas

twitter logo map 09

Surely no one can deny now that Twitter’s success owes much to its open strategy, which since its inception has fostered through its API so simple and versatile. And delivered a huge community of users and developers gave vent to their imagination and creating all applications mashaps multiplying their potential.

This definitely made Twitter today what it is, but perhaps it would be more than just a forum .. (posts limited to only 140 characters).

Well, that much we agree, in fact, his philosophy of open ecosystem, has been an example to many Internet projects were born after, because generating community around your product can be as or more valuable than making money from the first minute with him, for once you have the mass of users and monetize seems easier.

But .. What happens when third-party applications become a threat to its creator? Or when instead of that they depend on you, you begin to reverse the balance, and you can not live without one of they.

Then, that philosophy seems so open, that may not be as appropriate or at least having to defend this to protect your business is receiving much criticism, perhaps justified, but more in moral side, that in the business terms, because if you create a business based on a  other company, you know beforehand can be in this situation, or maybe worse, if successful, may disturb to them or be bought by the owner of the ecosystem with the aggravation that who buys is your only potential buyer.

Recently, we have seen another example of this on Twitter, first came the search with the purchase of Summize which was then integrated. And mobile client based on the purchase of TweetDeck. Then his own shortener, and now it is the turn to images, removing support to yFrog, Twitpic, Mobypicture, TwitGoo, and Posterous to upload images to your own servers.

And so, not surprisingly, who has always played in his spare, day comes you want to compete with his superior in the same conditions, hence Twitpic creators, have now launched: heello, a clone of Twitter. An adventure difficult to succeed, if not significantly distinguished from the original one, but we will see progress.

What is clear is that an open strategy always benefits the leader owner of ecosystem who if he do it in an intelligent way. And who participate at first glance seem very beneficial, in the long run should have a plan b or not succeed.

Source: Twitter pronto ya no brindará soporte de servicios de imágenes de terceros, incluídos Twitpic y yfrog



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