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Hello all followers of IvarsMore, the english version of IvarsMas blog. I only want comunicate you here that I have moved this english version of my blog from to publishing platform and have changed the url too. The spanish version of the blog remain in by now. Despite of the consecuences of this change, it’s has been a thoughtful decision, but with the change of the domain too, I think at the end it make sense do it now. If you want know more I have written about my experience on the process in this post: Migration from to, my experience.

As I want to count on your presence and I want invite you to follow me there as usual. If you use a feeds reader like Feedly, Flipboard, Lemonsly, or similar you can use the new url for english version: (and his feed url:, the new url for spanish version: (and his feed url: and my renewed personal website: Sorry by the inconvenients.

See you soon! 😉

Google’s War against Blogs

Google vs. blogs
Google vs. blogs

Although Google, as many of you know, was once one of those responsible for enhancing the blog phenomenon, acquiring and making it the first major platform in the world of publishing content in this format. He did it mainly because he was interested feed its AdWords advertising platform with thousands of websites where to put advertising outside its search engine with AdSense. Thus own advertising grew in volume, depending less on agreements with large headers media to make his business. He then created blog readers iGoogle and Google Reader, bought Feedburner, the feeds manager most popular of all, and even pushed Atom feeds standard to be accepted even by the W3C, etc.

But now from a time this part, particularly since Google struck him to create his own attempt at social network Google+, has not ceased trying to shoehorn its use all its users to deal with Facebook. This happens because the large social network and represents the next big threat to its advertising business, which in turn is still their main source of income, so Google has continued to do his thing, to destroy the concept blog, slowly, so use his social network. Let’s see how in a chronological summary:

How you see, Google gradually and almost silent, it is getting rid of everything that is no longer interested, and the truth is that despite still defend the innocent slogan: “do not be evil” is not in criticism absolutely follow a business strategy which is most profitable, of course. But it seems that this time, as I have said once, you’re really letting a global phenomenon, it will pass have a privileged role, if only because you align yourself with their interests at the time, to be almost an enemy public, by the way stop lying to users who both supported and confidence gained, and ultimately for trying stubbornly do what interests him, although not able to provide something new or better users.

New stage of the blog, redesigned and renewed hopes

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Hello again everyone here. What’s up? Hope fine .. do not know if many or few will follow still pending, I hope you to be many, and we can resume our ‘relationship’ where we left off 😉 . Some of you have asked me to return to write in my blog, and although I feel a little embarrassed by this silent time with no explanation, in the end I have decided and I’m back.

This period without blogging has been a bit of an ordeal for me because I believe innately that I always have something to say and social networks fall short, and instead, the blog is great. On the other hand, has been on sabbatical I needed to take, especially after a year to meet the goal of writing a post on the blog daily (weekdays) and in two languages: Spanish and English, ie 2 posts/day while I’m in front of AdLemons.

Blogging was something that was very comfortable, no doubt, and also the change of pace from daily publication to a post I proposed as a self-challenge was fantastic. Especially to keep abreast of everything happening in the world of marketing, the Internet, business and innovation. Because I liked being able to contribute and tell from my humble point of view, trying to add value to analyze the present, while trying to improve my English (it was tried ..).

But when you have several demands to play in your everyday life, you can do sometimes doubt that is what really is priority. And therefore, it’s time you do have to decide. And although the blog occupied me at most an hour and a half daily to very first hour of the day for reading, collect links, edit the image of the post, researching it and write in both languages. During the day, before and after this, I needed many other small tasks as: sharing the post, reply comments, review statistics, etc, and above all, a mental space that should have other more important pursuits, that is why I decided to make a break on the way to fully focus on what matters most: my startup.

Now I think it was a good decision, even though everyone did not understand it, and now I ask myself a new stage something easy, being the one to decide when to say something, and do not demand self-imposed publishing daily which on one hand has obvious benefits, but on the other, you have to know in what cases it is more advisable.

That said, just add that from time to time be around with new items and the new look of the blog, most current, responsive design really, without the usual sidebar (on which, incidentally, I have a post for publishing. .) and ultimately, I hope you like it.

The turnaround from Static content to Fluid content

The turnaround from Static content to Fluid content
The turnaround from Static content to Fluid content

When blogs were born did something different from what we had so far, setting a date for online content, and inevitably that timestamp thus became its expiration date. So then that website, as time passed new content needed to stay alive and not look abandoned or expired. Continue reading “The turnaround from Static content to Fluid content”

How to link to a YouTube video on a specific minute

How to link to a YouTube video on a specific minute
How to link to a YouTube video on a specific minute

Today I want to share a little trick to social networks sure you like me, ever happened to you that when you pass someone a YouTube video, especially if the video is long, you need to tell that particular minute or moment is the interesting part or we want to see do not have to see it all to see what you want to see. Or maybe you want to post it to share on social networks, but want to know that they can save half of the video, and go to the point that you think is worthwhile. Continue reading “How to link to a YouTube video on a specific minute”

Facebook could buy Blackberry

Facebook could buy Blackberry
Facebook could buy Blackberry

Lately not stop rumors out what will be the next purchase of Facebook, that if in talks to acquire mobile ephemeral messaging app SnapChat, if they was interested in buying Whatsapp or Waze. Now everything seems to indicate, as did know The Wall Street Journal last week that the new owners Blackberry, Canada’s Fairfax Financial Holdings, had a meeting with Facebook for a possible acquisition. It is assumed that Facebook intended to compete with Apple and Google in the mobile market. Continue reading “Facebook could buy Blackberry”

Notegraphy, the Instagram for texts

Notegraphy, the Instagram for texts
Notegraphy, the Instagram for texts

The title of the article perhaps may seem somewhat simplistic, but I think it perfectly describes comparatively this app so cool and original. Furthermore, the invention is of Spanish origin, namely: “Made in BCN”, led by Rafa Soto and Cooper Marzban which is its CEO, and was one of the founding team members of eDreams.. And it’s no wonder that soon reached a large impact appearing on blogs as AppStorm, LifeHacker or WWWhat’sNews. Continue reading “Notegraphy, the Instagram for texts”

How to call someone’s attention through social networks

How to call someone's attention through social networks
How to call someone’s attention through social networks

Social networks and the Internet can bring people together, allowing reach those who would otherwise be impossible, but in some cases, direct contact with someone, even being able to do so, it may not be the best approach and less on networks social. I will not give reasons, may be very different, and have very different purposes, both commercial, personal, professional, etc., that depends on each. Continue reading “How to call someone’s attention through social networks”

All that’s left to do after writing a post in your blog

All that's left to do after writing a post in your blog
All that’s left to do after writing a post in your blog

If you have recently encouraged to start your own blog and have started writing your first articles, presumably when publish them after the effort: having great blog on design, content and other work, expect to get in return a response immediate audience people commenting, sharing your posts and all that is expected, but probably not been well. Continue reading “All that’s left to do after writing a post in your blog”